More About Us

The Dev Team company was officially registered on January 15th, 2016, so that’s the date when we started operating. Since 2016, Dev Team has evolved into a small company with a total of 20 people working.

Our specialists operate from multiple regions such as Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Belarus, Armenia, USA, and Turkey, and at the same time, we are in active search for new minds all over the globe.

It’s worth noting that we as a company are committed to putting work quality over quantity of our employees. We strive to seek “our” people who would be pleasant to work and develop the business with.


Currently, one of our main goals is to form a backbone of the company or, putting this differently, to figure a group of architects who would manage the company built by everyone who has ever worked or carries on working here.

Why is it important to have an architect pool?

An architect is a developer with a lasting job experience in the sphere of informational technologies. Not only does an architect master the whole creation process of a technological solution, but they also have enough expertise to conduct meetings with clients, estimate new projects and form teams for them, and help a fellow junior dev get through a tricky task.

Long story short, an architect is an ultimate player possessing rich experience in IT and a passion for the job. We’ve got such players right now, and we also got those who are striving to become ones.

If you are willing to become an architect, we are eager to help! We’ll develop an individually tailored studying plan to assist you in achieving that goal, just as we do for everyone who works with us.

Dev Team Inc guys


As mentioned, each of our team members has their own growth plan: a Junior is working to become a Middle, while a Middle is reaching for the Senior position, and on.

Each development plan is created individually and is constantly discussed with one of our architects. When the plan is approved, the architects provide constant mentorship to each of the “trainees” and help them live up to the plan. It’s worth mentioning that we emphasize both technical knowledge AND soft skills being equally important. We know how to work on soft skills, and we are ready to help anyone improve them.

Besides the individual development plans, we conduct regular skill-sharing meetings to exchange our working experience. As well as general IT-related topics, we also speak technical solutions and discuss useful libraries.

We understand that it is important for our teammates and for IT workers in general to obtain new knowledge and maintain the things already known, and for that we’ve got plenty of ideas that we plan to bring to life in the future.

For example, we are looking to adopt inviting expert speakers who would conduct lectures on their profile topics and share their experience. That would be a chance for us all to additionally develop our skills, or at least prove them relevant and not obsolete.


Over the last years, some of us have switched to working remotely, hence our attitude to it: if you want to work in an office, we’ll gladly rent an office space, but if you’d rather function from home or from a different country, we are totally fine with that, too. All that matters is your productivity.

Since our team operates from multiple regions, we organize general calls on a regular basis. On such calls, we discuss random things not necessarily related to work, and as such, we maintain the friendly atmosphere.

The small size of our team brings up a whole lot of advantages compared to the bigger companies. Among these advantages are incessantly positive moods, personal approach to every member, and total absence of any kind of bureaucracy when a small matter would take weeks to be approved.


Our company is free from autoritary management or micromanagement. We worship the importance of individual liberty so that each of us would be able to manage working time on their own, had more striving opportunities, and felt at ease in the team.

Such horizontal management means more responsibility for the decisions that one takes, but to us, it's even better: you receive an opportunity for faster self-actualization, and we don't mess with your workflow.


Our main goal is to help our clients’ business projects succeed. To reach it, we go above and beyond: not only we provide development, testing, business analysis and technical consulting, but we also treat each project as we would treat our own business. Because of this “product-first” approach, our company is not just another outsourcing service – as we treat the customer’s business as a product, we bring maximum focus to it and dive into the most specific details to obtain the best understanding of how the business can gain as much profit as possible.

Most of our tasks are directly related to Web development and quality assurance. Besides, however, we also develop mobile apps, AR solutions, UI/UX, business analysis, and Big Data and Cloud consulting. Finally, we actively study Web 3.0 and have already advanced in this field.


We don’t have any schedules or requirements regarding the working time. All that matters is that you complete the tasks and fit the deadlines, while it’s up to you to decide when to work 😊

Of course, certain things depend on the project itself, and in some cases, you would be required to adjust to the team and the client’s time zone so that any critical issues could be solved in a timely manner. Nonetheless, with communication and processes done right, working time will not be a problem.

Currently, we’re working with several clients who prefer to conduct regular team calls using the American time zones, which is why a certain number of our colleagues attend the calls in the evening. This leads us to our next task, which is to find the projects where most of us would be able to avoid such late calls.


We know what Self-awareness is. We believe it’s of great importance that you know it as well so that you would be aware of your inner self, your values and desires.

Is it your desire to dive into the project and be responsible for each milestone? Or are you rather a person who does a qualified job in the daylight and doesn't have to worry about it enjoying family time in the evening? Or are you a person who dedicates 4 hours a day to the paying job because you don't chase high earnings?

Whoever you are, we will accept your values and build your workflow for you to self-actualize.


We have composed this text to build up an impression of what Dev Team is like so that you can see how our company suits you.

If you are interested and would like to sign up for an interview with us, you are welcome to see our career opportunities. In case you are not finding anything suitable, just contact us via this form or email us at and we will do our best to find a project for you!